Monday, August 26, 2013

19 Ways to become free (The Number 19 - Physical Manifestation)

1. Create a worry list and burn it every week.
2. Get rid of you comfort zone your just kidding yourself.
3. Get away from the computer and TV its actually watching you.
4. If the world doesn't own you shit then be otherworldly.
5. Let the hate go.

6. Quit beating yourself that's why God made haters.
7. Listen to new and all types of music or you end up the oldies stations.
8. Surround yourself with creative people cause obvious you not.
9. Get feedback from an anonymous person the have nothing to lose if they call you fat.
7. Make Mistakes you'll never be perfect.
8. Stay clean and organized.
9. Have fun any and everywhere.
10. Finish what you start or what you started will finish you.
11. Watch movies or shows that are different.
12. Stop swimming up stream you'll just exhaust yourself.
13. Know thyself and your roots or you'll be pulled.
14. Be open opportunities don't come through closed doors.
15. Be honest always.
16. Travel a lot.
17. Do what makes you happy.
18. Always try something new if you don't you'll just end up boring.
19. Learn to communicate say what you mean and mean what you say.

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